What is The Janitor Service ®
The Connect Computer Solutions implementation of Windows NT/2000 Terminal Servers includes The Janitor Service ®, used to perform system cleaning and maintenance. The Janitor Service ® is also used to overcome some limitations in various program software.

How The Janitor Service ® Works
Every time the server is rebooted, e.g. at the end of each working day as part of the Backup routine, The Janitor Service ® runs. The Service performs a variety of maintenance tasks.

What The Janitor Service ® Does

  • Deletes the and cleans the system folders then reinstates them and resets the usage permissions
  • Deletes all the Jet database engine temporary files from the system
  • Deletes all non unloaded cached user profiles
  • Sets the file permissions on the files in the system admin folders to Administrators only
  • Stops the spooler service, deletes all the files in the spool folder, then restarts the spooler service
  • Sets the Server Default Admin Drive Shares to be active
  • Resets all User Accounts and file area data permissions
  • Closes all system services and files and sets up a clean environment for the fully automatic Backup procedure to run every day.

What Is A Turnkey System?
All our systems are sold as Turnkey, this means without any Client administrative access and they are fully remotely managed by us. In this way we can ensure at least the following is always true and that your Fileserver can never be compromised –

  • Third Party software, games or drivers never loaded onto the Fileserver
  • Unqualified Parties experimenting with the Fileserver, damaging or removing the software, either by accident or maliciously
  • Consistent support interface for remote administration as nothing on the Fileserver changes
  • Secure remote updates of programs, drivers and AntiVirus updates can be performed without accidental interruption by the Client.
The Janitor Service