Our Individually Tailored Solution for You
The Business Veterinary / Terminal Overlay Solution is our proprietary and engineered Solution that acts as the bespoke interface extension between the Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Server Operating System / Office XP and any vertical market application that you may wish to use.

What Does The Overlay Do
Thousands of man hours have gone into our Terminal Overlay’s continued development. It has been designed to provide you and each member of your team with a friendly, clean and consistent user interface. When you log on from your main Site, branch, or from home, your experience is always predictably the same with The Business Terminal Overlay Solution.

What Can It Provide if all Options were Taken?
The Business Terminal Overlay Solution is structured so the worry of system maintenance is ours and not yours. It takes a raw operating system (Microsoft Windows 2000 / NT Terminal Server) and adds -

  • Provides Full Security for both the System and all Users
  • Manages all User Logon Accounts and Settings
  • Manages optional Email and Internet Access User Accounts
  • Manages all Remote User Logon Requests
  • Manages all Connected Branch User Logon Requests
  • Manages all Printing Services both Local and Remote
  • Processes all optional Network Scanning Requests
  • Provides Secure storage for all your Business Data
  • Provides every user with Microsoft Office.
  • Full Remote Management and Diagnostic capabilities
  • Full Remote and Secure System Updates
  • Full Secure Remote AntiVirus updating of your Fileserver
Ask for a demonstration D/DVD-Rom

What Is The Cost Of The Business Terminal Overlay Solution
We provide The Terminal Overlay Solution to all our Clients as part of our provided hardware package and for the whole time your system is supported by us. If you switch vendors in the future then you would have to use another suppliers solution and remove our Business Terminal Overlay Solution

What Does The Terminal Overlay Solution Save Us
It takes the risk and extended cost out of networking. Yes, you could run an open network with your applications but without the services our Overlay provides you would inevitably run into the following -

  • One of your staff accidentally deletes a printer, suddenly the whole Business is paralysed. Not too funny in the middle of an account run! An Engineer would have to be called to fix the problem
  • Someone then has the job of adding and configuring new users. The new user suddenly has access to all your sensitive data or worse, they delete it. Another Engineer visit
  • A users Email does not work. Another Engineer visit.?
  • Updating your system, programs, drivers, AntiVirus, backups, mainly fully automatic with our Terminal Overlay™ Solution. Another onsite Engineer visit?
  • General system maintenance, again fully automatic with our Terminal Overlay™ Solution – another Engineer visit?

With The Business Terminal Overlay Solution Would We Still Need Onsite Engineer Visits?
We hope not! Our Overlay saves you time and money, again and again, generally without the need for an engineer to ever visit you – at least not to fix problems. Unlike the problems shown above, our Terminal Overlay™ Solution has been engineered to avoid these pitfalls and remote access gives us the ability to support you instantly in times of crisis..

What About Administrative Access To Our System?
We sell all our systems as fully managed. The Business Terminal Overlay Solution takes care of all the File server’s day to day administration so you don't have to. In order for us to provide an 'unbreakable system' we do not give administrative access, however you are always free as the Business owner to have access to your data at any time.

What About Installing Other Programs?
Your Fileserver and The Business Terminal Overlay Solution and Microsoft Office can come preinstalled when you take delivery of your new system. If any other application is required to help you to run your business, then the backup workstation we provide as part of our hardware package can always facilitate this. The backup workstation also has complete access to the principal data file areas on the Fileserver.

Self Healing Fileservers with The Business Terminal Overlay Solution
The intricate and interdependent services engineered into The Business Terminal Overlay Solution mean that It will quietly hum away in the background taking care of business like any good Business manager. We call these integrated services - The Janitor Service ®.