The Need for Clarity

How many times in your Business has someone asked you a question that you could not readily answer?  It is normally because of the following reasons -

  • Not your area of responsibility
  • You are too busy
  • You cannot answer without research first
  • You just don’t know!

It doesn’t actually make any difference what the reason is, it’s just a question of bad practice. It does not mean that you are “slack” either.

Procedures, Procedures

You do need to document all your company processes, Polices & Procedures before you do anything else for many reasons, the most obvious of these being that it will -

  • Show you where there are glaring holes in your management or work structures
  • Make it easy to disseminate the information to your staff
  • Disseminate information in a wholly consistent manner, repeatedly

Once you have documented your procedures, it is a matter of delivery, i.e. how you get this information to the people who consistently require knowing about it. That’s where we come in. Not only can we provide you with guidance and advice in you to document your procedures but we can provide you with the delivery mechanism so that all your staff can benefit from the knowledge ....and without having to ask you every time first. Click on the Link below for more.