What is an Online Help System

It’s a web-based information source that can be available to your business from anywhere, either internally, externally or both.

Whenever You Need It - It’s There
Just Select Online Help from the Start Menu and you are on your way. It covers every aspect of the system we supply you and gives you all the information you need on –

  • Troubleshooting tips for common hardware problems
  • How to .... factsheets, e.g. how to change printer labels
  • Available System Options and System Expansion
  • Warranty and Support information
  • Technical Support Details
  • Third Party Support Arrangements

Can’t Find What You Need?
If you find there is a topic not covered that you need information on regarding your hardware and it’s use, please Email Us the suggestion and we will be pleased to include it and credit you as the Contributor.

Please help us to provide you with the most useful and effective Help System we can.

Online Help System