Languages For All

So many businesses are now International or operate Nationally but have an international staff. So much so and becoming so much so, that you simply cannot afford any longer to ignore the requirement for multi language products and the Unity that they bring to your organization.

Concurrent Use?

Yes, no problem. All of your users can use the Internal Policy information system at the same time and in multiple languages simultaneously. You determine what languages you want to produce your content in and that content is then available to your users in all of those languages.

User Interface

Even your users interface can be set to show in their language of choice so both interface and content can be displayed in the user’s language of choice. These choices can be made by the user or by the administrator who can allow language selection of force a group wide or company wide default language.

The language can also be set to display in a particular language based on the users Browser location default as setup in Windows so the Internal Policy system is infinitely flexible in design and function.