Preparing for Change

So, you have documented all your processes, Polices & Procedures and we have web-enabled it all for you. The next problem is cultural, i.e. changing your staff’s attitude to always look online for the answers first, and before they ask you questions. It takes some time, but with commitment, in a few short months it will appear to everyone that is what you always did, so the staff soon accept it ....and are grateful for the additional information!

Demonstrating You Use Your Policies & Procedures

Publishing your Policies & Procedures is one thing, demonstrating that you regularly use them and update them is the real trick. Having an online system that is instantly updatable is fantastically useful if you have a diverse organization distributed over many sites or locations and even if you are a large organization operating many departments in the same building.

One person logs into the system and makes a change and the entire organization then receives the benefit of the change.

ISO Auditing

This is expensive enough as you will know if you are an ISO or QMS certified company, plus the ongoing costs of republishing all your key information into useless paper binders. With an online system you can update as you go along and demonstrate that to your ISO auditor on your yearly inspection turning a day long visit into an hour long one. All of the system changes are audited and can be reported on to ensure compliance and for the benefit of the Auditors.