Strategies and Solutions

Strategies and Solutions

Policies & Procedures
Deploy powerful and instantly updatable Policies and Procedures. Remove out of date manuals and notice boards. Once published to your secure Intranet and/or online they are available to your staff at all times.

ISO & QMS Auditing
All your documentation can be ISO and QMS audited online. Not only show that you have the policies and procedures but demonstrate to your ISO or QMS auditor that you all use them, quickly and easily.

Online Help Systems
Highly interactive and rich functionality is the basis for online help systems that focus  either on your Intranet or on the publicly accessible Internet and our systems cover whatever product you need help systems for.

Language Globalization
Do you need your online Help Systems and Policies and Procedures to be in multiple languages concurrently? This is achieved by our systems which  allow multiple users and multiple language access simultaneously.

Document to Intranet Conversion
Help and advice on the best possible ways to convert your documents to an HTML/XML Intranet standard so that you can fully search and use them wherever you happen to be.

Build and Design

Design & Build

Intranet or Extranet?
Do your help systems need to be available to just your business or the outside world too? Our Content Management System can operate in either mode, or both modes simultaneously.

Gadgetboy® Robotised Fileserver Solutions
We specialise in Windows Server based thin client solutions highly engineered & robotised Servers to produce what we believe is one of the most advanced  Windows solutions available today.

Remote Updating
If we are building your help-systems as an ongoing project, we can do this remotely which hugely reduces traditional associated costs and the need for an engineer to be onsite every day.

Gadgetboy® System Updating
Updating your system is never a problem with our remotely managed Fileservers. All of your programs, Help Systems and Policies and Procedures are upgraded and updated for you without you lifting a finger.

Gadgetboy® SLA
Our Service Level Agreement covering the response times and diagnostic offerings for our Gadgetboy Systems. All of our systems are covered by the same SLA..