Robotising your Business

Gadgetboy® Server robotisation is the interface between your hardware and operating system and has been carefully designed and constantly developed to provide automatic and robotic maintenance services for your core systems.

Once installed your system becomes self-healing, running overnight maintenance and reset routines, network checking, testing and reconfiguring where required. Comprehensive diagnostics are run, system software and protection systems updated and upgraded and the latest versions of protection modules installed.

Gadgetboy Remote

The Gadgetboy® remote access module allows our system administrators to interact with your system to provide you with timely and critical support right down to the user level. Even user accounts can be individually added, suspended, reconfigured and monitored providing company wide security.

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What Gadgetboy ® Does

  • Deletes the and cleans the system folders then reinstates them and resets the usage permissions
  • Deletes all the Jet database engine temporary files from the system
  • Deletes all non unloaded cached user profiles
  • Sets the file permissions on the files in the system admin folders to Administrators only
  • Stops the spooler service, deletes all the files in the spool folder, then restarts the spooler service
  • Sets the Server Default Admin Drive Shares to be active
  • Resets all User Accounts and file area data permissions
  • Closes all system services and files and sets up a clean environment for the fully automatic Backup procedure to run every day.